• Consultant Parents play a key role, by asking questions, offering choices to their children instead of telling them what to do and how to make decisions through the given situations and sequences. Options are provided by them, under their supervision.
  •  Parental behavior towards children involves praising, encouraging and giving them physical affection have turned fruitful during this lockdown.  Parental involvement is also essential for their wards in online classes.
  • Three things are mandatory –   Conducive Environment to learn, keep necessary materials related to the subject of study, Parents can help them to understand but shouldn’t teach.


  • For the first time in the absence of traditional written testing skills, grading has been furnished in Decimals, making it convenient, comfortable for both Student and the Selection Committee to identify the ranking level in admissions.
  • Post- pandemic period after the Second Wave of COVID is currently expecting a lot for the better, truly the relationship between Children and Parents has become an appreciable turning point for both.
  • COVID impact has modified the life style of people. Involvement of the family through Edutainment – Participation in Online Contests like Spelling Bees, Drawing, Scientific Researches and Inventions. Keeping in mind the various needs that have created a setback due to economic crisis, learning process is active and modified.


  • TODAY. Need for Fitness, Consuming Healthy food, focus on Home- made preparations, avoiding unimportant associations, awareness towards expenditure, Need for Vaccination and beyond all the togetherness in families have made a remarkable change both in attitude and approach.
  • Children have started demanding a change in their daily routine due to their access to Gadgets and their peer group interfaces.


  •  Parents need to strengthen this advantage for the benefit of their wards, in choosing their career/next level of study also updating themselves in par with the Technological developments.
  • Social Media provides a wide range of options for every query on search on anything and everything, especially for classes X and XII.
  • Parents are expected to be well informed as to clarify / suggest / recommend their choices as alternative/inclusive options of their wards.
  • This progressive motility is Healthy and Welcome, if the reasoning ability of both the child and the parent is acceptable to make learning easy and effective.


  • For the first time in the absence of traditional written testing skills has been furnished in Decimals making it convenient, comfortable for both Student and the Selection Committee to identify the ranking level for admission.
  • In case of seeking an opportunity to improve one’s scoring, students have been advised to opt for written examination to be conducted later, on improvement of this existing situation.
  • HOME SCHOOLING is identified as the appropriate alternative to traditional schooling with Online tutoring and testing skills as well.
  • A new tradition of Social Distancing, Masking and Sanitizing has become the healthy life style.


It’s right what you said. We have to accept the changes and move forward towards the Future. Home schooling help our students to improve self learning. Well done and Wishes ??

Welcome. Virtual Education is better option to traditional schooling. marks and Grades are no longer attractions for evaluation. self Interest, parental care and guidance are the tools to personalize learning for Future.

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