The ability to understand, use, manage your emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, over come challenges and defuse conflict.


  • Emotional Intelligence‘ is progressive tool for students in Team Work, helps them understand and manage their own emotions as well as recognize and influence the emotions of those around them. As a result Students are more likely to stay calm under pressure, resolve conflict effectively and respond to the team with empathy.
  • SELF AWARENESS – It is helpful to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses through analysis thereby its impact on Team performance is quite remarkable.
  • SELF REGULATION -Improves the ability to manage one’s emotions, particularly in stressful situations and maintain a positive outlook despite setbacks, This practical experience elevates .
  • MOTIVATION – Visual evidence is gained from society, it helps the individual to perform effectively having High EQ.
  • EMPATHY -is mandatory quality to be imparted @ Schools through effective role models, none other than the Teachers themselves, as the key for living in Harmony with the world comes through understanding the feeling of someone from their perspective.

Post Pandemic Schooling needs all the above to make future Schooling purposeful and meaningful. Classes five and above till class eight will find it mandatory when schools are back to normal by November 2021.

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