Seventies schooling by sixties kids

Schooling was guided by Moral values both by Parents and Teachers, they were strict disciplinarians too. Experienced Teachers were honored for their commitment and proved experiments. Schools became second homes both in care and concern.

Freedom to Rectify

Character formation, Spiritual and Moral values were primary goals. Three language formula was common in Schools. In addition to academics focus was on Co-Curricular activities too. Co-education was found to be supportive in competitiveness and disciplinary skills.

Eco-friendly Classrooms

Classrooms were over flowing in specific schools that were popular among Public. Schools run by Missionaries and Government Schools were the sources available. Sufficient trees in school campus served as virtual classrooms making learning Eco friendly.

Teacher Taught Bonding

Respect with fear, as strict disciplinarians, while rectifications were made in class room situations developed negative feel temporarily. Maturity in thought process left behind an everlasting unforgettable position to their most respected GURUS

Family Attachment

The family sentiments were helpful to build a healthy relationship both inside and outside the family. Joint families were a kind of therapy to repair ruptures in relationship and worked to develop or rebuild an emotionally secure relationship. The relationship between Grand Parents and Grand Children allowed children ‘the secure base’ necessary to explore, learn and relate the well being, motivation and opportunity made available to them.

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