Artificial Intelligence is the reflection of Human attitude – Speech recognition, Problem Solving, Learning and Planning. The key role is to learn, study, analyze problems, create accurate solutions. It is expected to become a Technological Innovator of the future, the impact of Artificial Intelligence is hard to ignore in the following areas TODAY

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Transportation -Today, due to pandemic economic crisis, individual transport has become mandatory to the majority lot. Two wheelers deserted due to negligence turned heroes to the needy, valueless vehicles gained new price and value. AI has given a solution to this endless crisis through Electric vehicles, controlled by voice recognition.

Manufacturing – Illustrating human like traits in machines, has given better performance and better risk analysis in various sectors, improving the overall functioning of the entity. It has been in use in heavy construction, gaming, education, health care and so on.

Health Care is mostly AI DOMINANT- The primary aim is to analyze relationships between prevention or treatment techniques and patient outcomes. This has been proved by Virtual Nurses – follow up on the patients schedule with Doctor, learn to support patients emotionally, specializing in their chronic illness also in COVID 19 related treatments all over the world.

Education is the central zone of AI TODAY. Practices of unfair education is dominant in society, one who wishes to get educated according to his privilege is denied due to various reasons like status, gender, location, age, etc. AI can fix this issue without bias. Thus society will change in means of everything. The pioneers began in December 2015, the getting smart #Ask About AI research began and focused on AI with regard to three objectives Employment, Ethics and Education.

Artificial Intelligence is creating future, dominant over Human Intelligence.

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